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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does momo stand for?
momo is a demonstration project supported by the European Union through the Intelligent Energy Europe programme and momo stands for more options for energy efficient mobility through Car-Sharing.

2. Who is involved in momo?
The momo partnership consists of 14 partners from eight European countries. The partnership is lead by The Senator for Environment, Construction, Transport and European Affairs in Bremen, Germany and brings together experts from local authorities, energy agengies, research institutes, Car-Sharing associations and Car-Sharing providers. For detailes please see the overview of partners here.

3. Can I join momo?
Support and involvement to momo is always welcomed. Please contact the lead partner directly, already describing your interest in the project. Please use the contact form here. Becoming a new partner to the partnership is only theoretically possible, again please contact the project leader.

4. What are the results of momo?
Over its lifetime momo wants
  • to increase the awareness of Car-Sharing in Europe
  • to increase the number of Car-Sharers considerably
  • to establish new services in locations without Car-Sharing
  • to increase the energy-efficiency within existing Car-Sharing operations
  • to make recommendations on how to develop and establish eco-efficient Car-Sharing
The expected results of momo are:
  • more than 20,000 new Car-Sharers
  • the reduction of about 58,000GJ p.a. and CO2 emissions of 6,000t p.a
  • to replace 3,500 private cars and gain free space due to less parking spaces needed
  • to acquire new regions where no Car-Share is present at the moment, with a special focus on Ireland, Finland and Greece
For a detailed overview of all project aims, please see section "About momo".

5. How do I get the results from momo?
All results will be published here on this website. Fact sheets inform about particulars topics that were researched within the project. Furthermore, results will be presented at public workshops and seminars that will be held at changing locations across the partnership. All momo events are announced in the news section of this website.
This website also offers rss news feeds. Simply subscribe to our feed and never miss out on the latest development.

6. Where can I find general information about Car-Sharing?
A good source for general information about Car-Sharing is the Wikipedia entry for carsharing. The momo partner the German association of the German Car-Sharers (bcs) provides also good and neutral information. Our project partners cambio Belgium, Germany and goCar Ireland are Car-Sharing professionals who are happy to give first hand information. See the partners section on this website for more information.

7. I have a specific question, how can I contact a particular momo partner?
To contact a momo partner directly go to the partners page that links to their webpages or ask for contract details over the contact form on this website.

8. How long will momo be active?
The momo project life time is 36 month from 1 October 2008 to 30 September 2011.

9. What aspects of Car-Sharing does momo deal with?
All! From setting up to implementing, state-of the-art surveys, awareness raising, marketing, knowledge transfer, inter-modality and interoperability.

10. Can momo help me with setting up my Car-Sharing scheme?
The momo project itself may not be able to help you directly, but members of the partnership certainly are. If you are unsure who can help contact the lead partner and if you know who to ask for support, feel free to make contact.

11. I want to set up a Car-Sharing scheme, would momo carry out a feasibility study for me?
The momo project itself does not carry out feasibility studies, but members of the partnership are able to give support. Ask the lead partner for advice.

12. Will there be practical momo activities near me?
Check out the news of this website for announcements of public workshops, conferences and seminars. Although it is understood that all activities of the momo project centre around the locations of the involved partners.

13. How does momo contribute to the energy efficiency of Car-Sharing?
By optimizing Car-Sharing constantly! momo focuses on running the business of Car-Sharing as energy efficient as possible that results in running modern car fleets, being effective in maintaining the fleets and optimizing work flows of Car-Sharing providers.

14. Why is Car-Sharing considered to be a sustainable mode of transport?
Different studies show that one Car-Sharing car substitutes 4 to 8 private cars and that Car-Sharing enhances a sensible usage of all transport modes including walking, cycling and public transport. See the Wikipedia entry for carsharing to follow the argument.

15. Does momo link to or consider other modes of transport?
The momo project itself does not cooperate with public transport providers, taxis or rail, but the Car-Sharing operator within the momo partnership have their co-operations with local public transport providers and interoperability is an issue that will be explored further within the project.

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