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The German momo partners are The Senator for Environment, Construction and Transport (SUBV – Der Senator für Umwelt, Bau und Verkehr), cambio Mobilitätsservice GmbH & Co.KG and the Bundesverband CarSharing e.V - bcs, Germany´s association of Car-Sharing operators.
With SUBVE a local authority with a long track record in sustainable mobility activities and projects a very experienced institution is not only the project manager of yet another European project, but a pioneer in the field of Car-Sharing and co-modality is also the helping hand to all members of the consortium.
Cambio Mobilitätsservice GmbH & Co.KG, one of Germany´s leading Car-Sharing operators, is providing its expertise to the project and is actually helping Mendes GoCar to implement a Car-Sharing scheme in Dublin, Ireland. Prague and Athens will also profit directly from the consultation and advice of cambio.
bcs will lead the main task of WP2 the ‘state-of-the-art survey’ . This essential survey forms the basis for all following momo´s activities.
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Mendes Limited is based in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. It is a specialist consultancy in passenger transport and sustainable transport and, following a feasibility study into Car-Sharing for Cork City Council, operated the “GoCar” Car-Sharing service, which was launched in Cork in September 2008. From the beginning of 2010, GoCar has been operated by a new company, GoCar CarSharing Limited, and Mendes now provides technical and management support to GoCar.
The staff members of Mendes have been involved in the research, consultancy and operation of accessible and sustainable transport services in both urban and rural areas in Ireland, Britain and the USA for over 30 years.
They have also been involved in a number of EC projects on Car-Sharing; the transferability of legal and regulatory measures related to sustainable transport activities; multimodal and integrated rural transport services; the management of ELTIS – European Local Transport Information Service web site, which involves the provision of expertise for the development of case studies and educational material in quality benchmarking and regulatory frameworks in public transport and transport for people with reduced mobility; sustainable local transport in new and existing housing developments.
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The Spanish partner is the Sustainable and Save Mobility Foundation (FMSS). The Foundation was founded on April 2003 . The foundation's aim is to “Promote and develop of the Car-Sharing and other things related to the sustainable and safe mobility”. The patrons of the foundation are: Catalan Government, Barcelona City Council and the PTP (Catalan Public Transport Passengers Association). In 2004 the Foundation started a new Car-Sharing Service in Catalonia, called AvanCar. The FMSS was also in charge of the coordination of mobility week in Catalonia since 2004.
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The Finnish partner in momo is Motiva, the national energy agency. Motiva Oy provides expertise and project services to promote more efficient energy use and to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy sources. Motiva implements the Finnish government’s decisions on energy saving and promotion of renewable energy sources. Energy efficient transport is naturally one the objectives and tasks of Motiva. Motiva has a lot of experience of European projects in other fields of transport, especially concerning the promotion of ecodriving.
In Finland there is only one Car-Sharing operator, City Car Club, with about 2000 customers in the Helsinki region. City Car Club takes actively part in momo and is responsible of certain tasks as a subcontractor. One of the objectives of momo in Finland is to increase the customers of City Car Club.
Recently a new Car-Sharing company called Oliivi has started in Helsinki. Their idea is to concentrate on electric cars. momo will support their development as well.

The City of Helsinki takes actively part in momo. The two public transport organisations, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council and Helsinki City Transport, have already started co-operation with City Car Club. Also the Helsinki City Planning Department is involved in momo. All these three organisations support momo also financially.
In addition to increasing the use of Car-Sharing in Helsinki region the objective of momo in Finland is to establish Car-Sharing services in other major cities in Finland, especially in Tampere and Turku (WP7).
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One of Belgian´s momo partners is UITP, the International Association for Public Transport. Along the project, UITP will help organise several events such as a Workshop at its World Congress in Vienna in June 2009, the round table with various stakeholders and a training programme. UITP´s major responsibilities within the momo project are to contribute to the various reports and communicate the results of the momo project among the public transport sector.
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The other Belgian momo partners are Bond Beter Leefmilieu (Federation for Better Environment) and Taxistop.
Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BBL) is an independent federation for more than 140 local environmental associations in Flanders, Belgium. BBL works from a vision on sustainable development, influencing policies and public organisations, motivating target groups and the whole public. BBL has a long experience in the field of the sustainable mobility and campaigning with the aim to enhance modal shift. BBL will make Car-Sharing as a mobility mode better known through the implementation of different and new campaign models (focussing on the benefits op Car-Sharing) to new target groups.
Taxistop is an active promoter of sustainable mobility in Belgium since 1976. Taxistop also cooperates in broader mobility projects: Mobility week, European car free day, etc. In 1997 Taxistop started to develop Car-Sharing in Belgium. Taxistop and Optimobil (Car-Sharing operator in Belgium) have collaborated in the organisation of Car-Sharing in 11 cities in the 3 Belgian regions: Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. In addition to professional Car-Sharing Taxistop also takes part in a private initiative: Autopia. Autopia has as its mission to help private individuals to develop their own Car-Sharing experience and offers insurance, website etc. to facilitate this.
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Czech Republic
The Czech Institute for Environmental Policy, p.b.c., works within the momo project on
  • the analysis of barriers and obstacles for introduction of Car-Sharing in the Czech Republic
  • raising public awareness of positive impacts that Car-Sharing may have on environment and public space, attracting public attention for the car-sharing systems
  • getting political support from the state and city level
  • transfer of know-how, research of possibilities to import /or expand Car-Sharing services to the Czech Republic.
  • hosting of one local workshop and one national conference.
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    The Italian momo partners are the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea (IME) and the Italian Board for New Technologies Energy and Environment (ENEA).
    IME has a long experience in the field of the sustainable mobility, promoting policies with the aim to integrate different transport modes public and private, to promote flexible transport systems and to support private and public best practices. Moreover IME, with the aim to motivate the growth of Car-Sharing services and to guarantee an organic and unitary development in the whole country, supported the born of ICS, a public national coordination structure gathering the main Italian cities to set up local Car-Sharing services, managed by different local companies integrated in an unitary operational scheme.
    ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment is a public undertaking operating in the fields of energy, the environment and new technologies to support competitiveness and sustainable development. Particularly the “Mobility and Transport” Section of ENEA has accumulated in recent years a remarkable experience in activities of:
      1. demonstration and assessment of traffic and transport measures, ITS technologies and alternative fuel vehicles;
      2. demonstration and evaluation of new mobility management measures and innovative mobility services, such as Car-Sharing, Car-Pooling, and Demand-Responsive Transportation (DRT) services;
      3. development and implementation of evaluation methodologies and software tools to assist decision makers in planning and analysing urban and regional transport systems;
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    CRES which stands for Center for Renewable Energy Sources, is a public, non profit entity supervised by the Ministry of Development, General Secretariat of Research and Technology, founded in September 1987.

    CRES has been involved in numerous European and national projects. These include R&TD projects, demonstration projects, energy information systems, feasibility studies, technical and economic studies, market research, training and promotional activities on the RES/RUE/ES related issues as well as transport and energy projects, including biofuels and transport energy efficiency.

    In carrying out these projects, CRES has cooperated with a large number of public and private organizations, on a national as well as on a European and international level.

    Our department (Transport & Environment) is currently involved in various projects such as TRAINER, ECODRIVEN, STARBUS, FLEAT.

    Car Sharing hasn’t been established in Greece so far, therefore one of the main targets of CRES is to manage to establish for the first time such a scheme (WP7). In addition CRES will disseminate relevant material and guidelines during the project and will organise five workshops (WP5). Finally CRES will provide share its experience and know-how on ecodriving in order to be adapted to the needs of car sharing users (WP6).
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